Our Team

Our main is an extremely integral team effort to help you reach your goal, we ensure this with having all our team in every step of the process, from the mating season until the day of the sale and even after and always treating every horse in a professional and experienced manner.

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Our Team

Jose (Nacho) Aurrecoechea - General Manager


Jose has been managing our operation in the United States, Venezuela, and Argentina over the last years. He has been in charge of 400 horses at a time and he has developed an excellent operational plan for the business. His expertise as a veterinarian has brought an implementation of new and more efficient techniques to the farm.

William (Bill) Munn - Pedigree Consultant:


Bill, is our finest thoroughbred pedigree consultant, he is in charge of the mating strategies for our mares and thanks to him we have had an indisputable success in North and South America.

Karla Ochoa - Office Manager


Karla has a Bachelors in Political and Administrative Science, she has always been related to the industry since her family has been in the thoroughbred business for over 25 years. She has extensive knowledge of the work in the farm and the racetrack. She manages all the administrative and financial work in the farm. 

Jesus Jaime -

Groom and Maintenance Team Leader

Jesus has vast experience in the daily care of the horses such as bathing, feeding, clean tack, and among others. On top of that, Jesus is also the one who takes care of the maintenance of the entire facility, as well he is in charge to coordinate the functions of the team to ensure the correct development of care and maintenance of the farm.